The page you attempted does not accept Micro$oft  Internet Explorer browser, this is payback to Micro$oft for being a bully for over 25 years.


Please get Firefox browser:

Please get Openoffice:


I encourage your business to do the same.


PHP Method

This works very well on web servers capable of using PHP scripting code. It has the added advantage that it doesn't require CGI execution or redirection, and can't be circumvented by knowing the URL for the "real" page. It's pretty simple, actually. Place this code at or near the top of your code, before any output has occurred.


   if (eregi("MSIE",getenv("HTTP_USER_AGENT")) ||
       eregi("Internet Explorer",getenv("HTTP_USER_AGENT"))) {

Update: this is known to work with PHP3 and beta versions of PHP4.


Although M$ has given significant money to charity, it can not yet be forgiven for all it's sins. In addition to hundreds of anti competitive / anti monopoly violations, M$ was taken twice all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court by both Democrat and Republican administrations. M$ software price has been going up while computer hardware price has been going down. Basically M$ needs to be broken up into several competing companies. Also any computer that comes with M$ must include Linux as dual boot. In its latest prank, Windows7 utilizes four "Primary" disks. Making it much harder to install/ run third party software backup, or competing dual boot Linux. M$ also has financial influence on various Linux distributions, making them buggy, and the Linux drivers don't work/ missing for the latest hardware. I wonder how much Congress got paid to be quiet when M$ bought Skype. So if you feel you wasted at least 10 years of your time on M$ boots, bugs, and upgrades, you are not alone. Also if you recently purchased a bare bone system and it "strangely" no longer works with XP, it is time to declare independence from M$ and move on to the vibrant Linux.