All information below is given as general suggestions, "at your own risk", and not meant to be legal advice. You should consult with a legal adviser before acting on any information.


-Around 75% of homes sell as a result of a sign in front of your home, so obviously you need to have one.

-When you are trying a FSBO, you should not be locked in a contract with a Real Estate broker. 

-If you don't have your own software, you can print some two page flyers by zooming in on your ad. You should also have our site link, or a link to your ad, printed on your sign. In your description, you should state that there may be errors in your verbal or written descriptions, and those items should be independently verified by the buyer's home inspector or other sources. You should not willfully misrepresent anything.

-So that you are not bothered by people all the time, show your house only once a week during open house Sundays 1-4 pm.

-Try to use RESIDENTIAL SALES CONTRACT with "AS IS WITH RIGHT TO INSPECT" clauses. This will reduce picky buyers as you approach closing. Remember you MUST still legally disclose any material facts, that may affect the value of the property. You can have a real estate lawyer or title agency lawyer help you with the contract.  

-Have a closing date at least 30 days away so the buyer has enough time to deal with the bank qualifications.

-The buyer/ lender will usually try to pick a reputable title agency ( been around a while). The title agency will basically handle most of the transaction and give both buyer and seller a break down of ALL the closing costs.



If you do decide to list your home for sale with a real estate broker ( all agents work for broker/company ), you may want to consider companies that just list your home in MLS for about $500, and you could offer any buyer agent around a 2% commission.

Have a real estate lawer or title agency lawyer help you with the " AS IS WITH RIGHT TO INSPECT" contract.